I’m a Web Developer and ITIL 4 certified IT Professional based in the Dominican Republic. I enjoy working on usable, clean and practical web sites and web apps.

My passion for Web Development & IT Services started when I was 15 years old, my dad needed a website for his business, I knew nothing about web design in that moment, but I was curious about how websites were made, what technologies, languages and processes were involved in order to create a basic static website. So I decided to learn HTML and CSS by myself, using almost any resources I found on the internet, including YouTube tutorials, articles, etc.

I created my first static website, with some images, branding and information about my dad’s business, not bad for a newbie, then I faced the final part: publishing the website, I started reading and learning about domain names and hosting, after a few weeks we purchased the domain and hosting, also in that moment I learned about the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and how to use a client to upload the files to the server in a secure way. Finally I published the website and achieved my main goal: helping my dad with his business need.

After a few months I faced a new challenge: convert this static website into a dynamic one, with the capability of allowing users to register and receive news about the business activities, so this is when PHP and MySQL came into my learning game.

In that moment, after seeing how technology can help us achieve our goals from scratch, I decided to pursue a career in Information Technology, with the same main focus of my first experience: Help other people.

I started University at the age of 17, with a very good base of web design and programming thanks to this, but my motivation made my learning path more extended than just the Computer Science Engineering program, so while attending the program I did several external courses about networks, servers, systems administration, and almost anything related to the Corporate IT world.

Today I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering, and I’m pursuing my Masters in IT Management.

I’ve been working in the Information Technology field for more than 6 years, all of this time as Freelancer combined with formal IT jobs. I worked for 3 years in the Computing Department of the University where I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree, during this time I was involved in various IT administrative projects, I had the opportunity of lead most of those projects, some of my achievements include the following:

  • Developed a student web registry system in the IT Labs for monitoring the use of the computers by the students for maintenance purposes.
  • Redesigned the user interface of the psychometric web test for new students.
  • Configured the LAMP web server for the implementation of web solutions.
  • Configured the Windows Server with AD, DHCP, DNS, IIS, GPO & WDS of the campus IT Labs & the administrative building.
  • Implemented a Fedora Linux Server with Samba for securing the file sharing between departments & local backups.
  • Designed the new local and wireless network of the campus & applied subnetting.

Currently I’m working for an outsourcing company as Software QA Analyst performing the following:

  • Review and analyze system specifications
  • Collaborate with Application Developers and Business Analysts to develop effective
    strategies and test plans
  • Execute test cases (manual and automated) and analyze results
  • Evaluate product code according to specifications
  • Create logs to document testing phases, results and defects
  • Report bugs and errors to development teams
  • Conduct post-release/ post-implementation testing